Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to add a second HDD to ubuntu

No wonder, windows is still popular amongst non-techie lot. I started using linux in the early 1997 and till date I feel that there is a lot to be done to make it popular amongst non-techie lot. To experience the ubuntu distribution of linux, my brother installed it for me in one of the machines and after a long gap I thought of using it and attached a hard drive to access its data as it has some issue in windows machines. I could not believe that I almost forgot the commands. Anyway, it was not available elsewhere in a lucid way. The steps mentioned below are required to read a second IDE drive accessible in a commandline Ubuntu.

1. type cd /dev/disk/by-labells followed by 'ls' on the command prompt

2. results of 'ls' will show you hdd1 or hdd2 at the end.

3. create a directory to mount the hdd, mkdir /mnt/secondhdd

4. mount /dev/hdd1 (believing step 2 results in hdd1) /mnt/secondhdd

5. to browse the mount hdd, type cd /mnt/secondhdd

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