Sunday, December 2, 2007

Another VISTA mystery demystified.

Recently I changed my user status from Administrator to Std. User for security reasons as advised and publicized by Microsoft and the first problem I faced was very irritating, irritating because net search did not help much in fixing it. In fact I thought that there is something wrong with my keyboard or some configurations I might have changed in Remote Desktop Connections details which I am unable to recall to undo. Suddenly it struck to my mind and the same was advised online i.e. run mstsc (command for remote desktop) with Administrator credential and then try. And it did the trick. You must be wondering that I did not state the problem and have talked of the solution. I do understand. Problem was non-working of CTRL and SHIFT keys of my keyboard on the remote machines connected through the remote desktop connection of VISTA and it did make my life miserable because I could not use famous combinations like CTRL+A. Anyway, now I am relieved.