Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Root cause of all the problems humanity is confronted with:

Strange is the world where problems are loved more than their solutions because its the problems which keep them going while the solutions bring a full stop and that brings restlessness of having nothing any more to be busy with/in.

After a deep and thorough analysis and deep contemplation, to me it seems that all problems have their origin in the institution called "marriage".

With the disappearance of marriage, major ills humanity is confronted with viz. prostitution, rape, adultery, molestation, slavery etc. will also disappear within no time. And with this human beings will be freed from the cluthes of society and will be able to smell and experience the ultimate freedom.

With this freedom, every religion, sect, guru and mutt will be freed from prescribing the human beings the list of dos and donts and human beings will be freed from the disgrace of having been treated as kids.

Marriage is a sweet candy which humanity have been made to believe it to be tasty and hence they are made to crave for it. Marriage is a great tool available in the hands of society to domesticate the human beings. With marriage, a new family comes into existence and with family comes the ambitions, attempts of securing happiness and other related nuisances. Once married, forever unhappy.

With marriage steps in the great race of hording the maximum wealth in order to secure the future of not only the present generation but generation after generations.

The smallest unit i.e. family forms the basis of all the conflicts. And a nation, which is nothing but a conglomerate of such families with diverse aspirations and conflicting interests, is thus born. With the advent of nations, truth of wars appear. Wars lead to bloodshed and merciless killing of fellow human beings. I wonder what prompts the man to go to the extent of taking a fellow human being's life, what pleasure, what satisfaction does such a killing bring!!!

Just a step backward of the family is the individual and just a step forward of the nations is the universe and both these extremities are the true forms of emancipation and true manifestation of the ultimate power which we term as GOD.

For wars to stop, nations must go and for nations to go, concept of family must be abolished and to make that happen, marriages must be done away with. No marriages, no divorce. No marriages, no breaking of the families!!!

Let the man be unto himself. Let the man taste the fruit of FREEDOM and enjoy his being. Let the man be free from self-condemnation. Let the man be free from the guilt of having committed sins. Let the man see himself to be an embodiment of the Almighty.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You know you work for the government when...

The following was shared with me on email and I found it to be worth sharing with you.

You know you work for the government when...

* The process becomes more important than the product

* You don't see anything wrong with attending a meeting on a subject you know nothing about

* You feel you contributed to the meeting just by being there

* You stop raising issues/problems because you know you will be the one answering them.

* You fly first class across the country to attend a conference with 100


people to discuss the fact that the project does not have enough money.

* You work for an acronym, on an acronym, and your job title is an acronym.

* You understand the rationalization of an acronym composed of acronyms.

* You know that the location of a meeting is directly related to its importance.

(1) A meeting at Fort Hood requires a subordinate or a contractor

(2) The same meeting at Lake Tahoe requires your personal attention

* You've sat at the same desk for 3 years, done the same thing for 3 years, but have had 3 different business cards.