Saturday, June 28, 2008

To miss a thing is to own it!!!

Couple of months ago, a friend brought a picture and asked me to have a look at it. I looked at it as asked and communicated to him my finding which was nothing but a huge field of grass. Then he asked me to look at it deeper and with concentration and I followed his advise. I held myself in awe when I found a beautiful painting hidden in the obscure looking picture. Later I found out that such a picture is called 3D Stereogram Image and also known as 3D optical illusions.

Believe me the statement "To miss a thing is to own it!!!" is just like a 3D optical illusion.

Human nature is a mystery to the science and in spite of putting in best of its efforts science has failed miserably to understand human nature and the fabric it is made up of.

I know that we are living in the age of science but of what use it has been to us is worth our time and effort to ask, understand and assimilate the findings in our lives.

You may be of belief that to understand a thing is to own it for easy access and the freedom to work upon it in the way one prefers. But just like 3D optical illusion picture, I would advise you to delve deeper and then try to decipher the fallacy in this approach. This delving deep wont come easy if you have never done it before. It's an art from which we are deliberately kept away so that we do not become a threat to the society (I will touch upon this topic some other time at length).

To make it easy for you, I will take up an example. Recall the time when for the first time you come across something of which you had no clue. Say a rose flower, before you came to know that its a rose flower, you were restless in finding what it is, you inquired about this from fellow beings, tried searching encyclopedia and when you came to know that it is called rose, you felt relieved. But interestingly nothing substantial has changed from what was the original situation. Just by attaching a tag to the flower, you have not come to know much of it rather in the belief that by attaching the name "rose" to the flower you have known the flower, you will stop further exploration to know more, to delve deeper into the being of the flower. The very quest to know more about the flower seems to have extinguished by attaching a tag "Rose" to the flower of which even the flower is unaware.

The strange part of human nature is that the thing from which it maintains a distance in order to avoid the unavoidable contains the very bridge to bridge the gap between the question and the answer. The unavoidable which today or tomorrow will surface and re-surface unless gets tackled with complete awareness, the unease feel will keep on existing there.

Time and again, I am being reminded by my well-wishers (at least they feel so and they do suggest me what they feel best for me) about the societal trends and one must give in to get accustomed to these societal trends to become happy. Strangely it is the same people who do not stop complaining about the so-called sources of pleasure and how measurably they have failed to extract any joy out of them.

In my experience, the moment a feel of security creeps in the person about anything be it living or non-living, the very possibility of knowing it in a real sense dies. It is only the insecurity which has the key of knowing a thing in a real sense. Security kills the very seed which could have evolved and helped the human consciousness in delving deeper and ascending the unprecedented heights. Unfortunately we have been understanding every aspect so superficially that day by day we are getting away from our own selves so much so that we don't even remember our real home. The one who is secured deep down does not keep ensuring the visible and tangible outside security.

We feel that to be secured of a thing is to own it and though it does seem to be the way to be secured but in reality it turns out to be opposite. The moment you own something you miss the very possibility of understanding it, knowing it. Owning a thing ensures the superficial security about it and security kills the very seed which could have fructified in bringing the inside of the thing, in opening up the deep secrets lying in the heart of the thing. This security in turn ensures that you miss the thing in a real sense.

Almost everyday I come across someone or the other who seemed to be in real love, prior to the marriage, with the woman who is now his wife and now the same woman has been accused of being the source of his pain and problems.

What converted an angel to a wicked lady is the security!!! What brought this security is the marriage!!! I am not accusing the marriage per se but in my view by marriage people mean an institution in which they are free to impose on the other undue burdens and uninvited problems.
I will not comment on marriage more here. Marriage brought a feel of owning the other partner and thus missed the whole possibility of knowing the other in a real sense.