Friday, March 23, 2007

funniest of my experiences with outlook 2007

Just experienced the funniest of my experiences with outlook 2007. I received an email few days ago about some website which also had many hyperlinks from this website and unfortunately I did not delete it because I wanted to read it later. Because it was left in my inbox on the top of all other messages whenever I opened Outlook that message was highlighted and outlook 2007 crashed each time. Believing the reason of the crash to be add-ins like Planplus or Jeyo Mobile outlook or watson or windows search, I uninstalled all but nothing worked. Neither I found any clue from anywhere on the internet. This time when outlook opened and I clicked on any other folder than Inbox, it did not crash. I was bailed out of this problem with no visible clue to fix it by a mere selection of a sub-folder of Inbox. Then to know what was causing this irratic behavior, I clicked Inbox back and that message got selected and crashed outlook again. To delete it, I sent an email to this inbox and highlighting this I selected that irratic email as well and deleted that permanently. Now Outlook 2007 is working fine but it was funniest of my experiences with microsoft products.

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