Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unknown aspects of UID-the most ambitious project of UPA Govt

UID, the most ambitious project of UPA government to convert every Indian to a 12 digits number, has been the concern of almost every Indian for reasons, good and bad. Before the project gets judged on merit, it is most important to know that the execution of project is unconstitutional as it does not have the legislative sanction. The parliament never debated on the project as it was never brought before the parliament to seek approval for the same. Stealthily it is being executed, in a complete undemocratic way. First time I got interested in knowing more about the project when a close friend Ram Krishnaswamy, an alumnus of IITM, shared with me few articles on UID, opposing the same which in absence of the correct information was an excellent thing as per my superficial understanding. When I read about it and the background in which it has been brought into execution and how hastily it is being rolled out in absence of a legislative sanction, I was horrified on the possible repercussions of this exercise. On 16.10.2010, I was invited to an event held at ISI, Lodhi Road, New Delhi to speak on techno-legal aspects of UID, there I learnt many new things from the fellow speakers. Following this, Mr. Rajesh Joshi- a journalist working with BBC Hindi approached to do a show radio show on the issue and having learnt many new things about UID, which made me believe stronger than ever that UID is a product of some big conspiracy between Govt and Corporations, I gave my consent to be on the program. Had to grapple in finding correct Hindi words substitutes but the program went well. Callers in the program were from places as remote as Madhepura in Bihar. It was horrifying to see that the whole country has been kept in dark and the government has made false promises to the nation that the UID number will solve the myriad of problems our fellow countrymen in rural India faces everyday. The entire program is presented below for your perusal. The original program is at

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