Monday, March 15, 2010

From a talk by Khurshid Batliwala (MSc in Maths from IIT Bombay), a practicer of Art of Living

It was not a sheer coincidence (in my experience there is nothing called coincidence) that a friend shared with me links of a talk by Mr. Khurshid Batliwala (MSc in Maths from IIT Bombay), a practitioner of Art of Living who, in addition to many interesting aspects of Hindu Ancient Wisdom Treasure, shared the traits of three gunas or qualities of nature vuz. Tamas, Rajas and Sattva and how theirs imbalance can cause change in human nature.
Tamas (Brings Sleep): Excess of Tamas guna leads to Laziness and Lethargy which in turn leads to Habitual Procrastination->Loss of Interest->Depression-> Suicidal Tendencies

Rajas (Allows Activity): Excess of Rajas guna will result in "Can't sit still, restless in the body" which in turn leads to "Bombardment of thoughts"->Impatience and Indecisiveness-> Anger and Aggression->Violence

Sattva(Purity, Beauty, Peace, Joy, Enthusiasm) (When Tamas and Rajas are in balance): Presence of Sattva will result only when Tamas and Rajas are in perfect balance and then Meditation will be effortlessly easy and will result in Lightness, Centeredness and Cheerfulness->Your efforts bear fruits very easily-> Results more and earlier than you expect-> Success and Extreme Good Luck

Hope the above helps you as well in figuring out what's wrong where and then you can accordingly bring in changes your life to lead to a stage of enrichment of Sattva guna.

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