Friday, November 23, 2007

Using ColdFusion 8 with Microsoft Exchange Server

Feeling pleased having found a possibility of bridging the gap between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. ColdFusion 8 if used with Microsoft Exchange can really be of a great help for the people who know the immense possibilities of bringing these two together. I found this article while searching for a similar solution and would like my readers to get its access without any problem.
Microsoft Exchange Server is used by businesses for e-mail messaging, calendar scheduling, and contacts and tasks management. Adobe ColdFusion 8, with a new library of tags, gives you the ability to access, retrieve, create, and modify this information quickly, easily, and without having to learn Lightweight Data Access Protocol (LDAP).

This article uses the new cfexchange tags in Adobe ColdFusion 8 to demonstrate how to:

* Connect to an Exchange server
* Retrieve a list of folders from an Exchange user's mailbox
* Retrieve mail, contact, calendar, and task information
* Create contacts, calendar events, and tasks
* Modify existing contacts, calendar events, and tasks
Visit to know all the details.

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