Monday, November 26, 2007

How to find which application is using a particular port in Vista

It is really a nightmare to live with any Microsoft Operating System. Except the polishing of the appearance on the old operating systems, nothing major seems to have been accomplished in VISTA. And adjusting with any MS OS is another problem. Recently I was trying to host a website with VISTA IIS and it failed to start with port 80. Which means that some other program is using port 80. Now it tough to find which program is using port 80. Following are the steps to have this problem fixed.

1. To run command prompt in elevated mode, simply press the Win key; type cmd; press Ctrl+Shift+Enter; and then hit Alt+C to confirm the elevation prompt. In fact this way you can run any application in the elevated mode.

2. Try `netstat -bno -p tcp' on the command line which prints plenty of information like PID and name of the application using the ports.

3. Find the application (in my case it was skype) which is using port 80. Stop that from Task Manager and map your website to port 80 and restart IIS.

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