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Respose to Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok's criticism of AAP being socialist

My dear friend Sanjeev Sabhlok for long has been criticizing Arvind Kejriwal for long without knowing him and this blog he published to tell the entire world that Arvind kejriwal is a disaster but he published only his emails and not the entire conversation. I resisted for long and kept telling Sanjeev the truth but he refused to listen and understand. For me no one, including me myself, is ABOVE THE NATION and hence FOR THE FIRST TIME I had to state the truth for making people understand the truth behind such views of Sanjeev Sabhlok. Please read the entire conversation to understand the naked truth. Of course, Sanjeev is a brilliant person and his brilliance so far has DONE NOTHING FOR MOTHER INDIA.

Sanjeev published Correspondences which he had with Mr Sushil Jain, a friend and great promoter of spirituality based wisdom, but he published only his emails and not what Mr Jain wrote to him and thus Sanjeev brought only half-truths out.
Sanjeev published his emails to Mr Jain at
What Mr Jain wrote to him is reproduced below and what conversation took place among Sanjeev myself and other common friends on Facebook is reproduced thereafter.

Somnath Bharti:

Sanjeev, I just received a copy of your interaction with that someone Mr. Sushil Jain which you should have published along with your emails for doing justice to the readers.Thanks Sanjeev,
Appreciate your response and intention for doing good work for the nation.. I get your mails on Vedic wisdom for a long time now.

But I am really surprised to know that there is no common ground between what you are trying to do and what others do... Basic spiritual wisdom says that we all have the same intention, competence may be different. I also happen to know Arvind Kejriwal from 2000, the year he started working as Parivartan.... I never felt the way you feel about him. He certainly has a focus and proceeds with it with clarity and conviction. He has sacrificed so much on the way..but built a credible standing for himself...

If we keep treating/doubting each other like this then the how you going to bring a change... What I see everywhere is that everyone wants to work for the nation but in their own way, in the name of their organisation. As soon one starts an organization then one needs funds and start asking for funds... It is waste of energy and resources...Why not work together.. if the focus is Nation building, serving others... Let us use the wisdom...

My primary work is to promote Wisdom Anchored Value Education (knowing self and wisdom of life).. in colleges/universities... It is very important to understand and experience self and wisdom of life to see the larger picture and role in this wonderful world... I wish to see everyone working together, in joy and happiness, rising above the conditioning/egos...

Regards /best wishes
Sushil Jain

Sanjeev Sabhlok
Somnath, I do not agree with Mr Jain and have offered to explain to him over phone if he is interested. This is not about "everyone wants to work for the nation but in their own way, in the name of their organisation". That has NEVER been the way I work. Organisations are irrelevant. Only ideas matter. This is all about the right ideas for India. Arvind has consistently brought socialist ideas to India, and has NEVER taken any interest in learning about good governance frameworks. I'm just making clear that point again - which I've already made in the past. Nothing new in what I've been saying for 15 years.

Somnath Bharti
It is high time that we all come out of our cocoons and keep our himalayan sized egos aside and get along with Arvind Kejriwal- the only visible and credible force against the established political parties who have done nothing but raped MOTHER INDIA day in and day out and because THEY HAVE CBI and POLICE in their hand they go unpunished. You have time and again said that Arvind is a good person then everything else are a mere formality.

Sanjeev Sabhlok
Somnath, I am firmly supporting Narendra Modi in 2013/14 and will thoroughly oppose socialist AAP in every way. Just being a good person has never been my criteria, and I have repeated 1000 times. It is the right IDEAS I look for.

Somnath Bharti
So you have forgiven Modi Ji for Gujarat riots which you have so severely criticized in the past.

Apoorv Bhat
Sanjeev Sabhlok: Supporting Modi? Thats a bummer.. Do not allow Baba Ramdev to influence you so much.. Modi is not a party, BJP is the party.. You have called them traitors and super corrupt in the past.

Sanjeev Sabhlok
Please keep in touch with my views on my blog. I have commented on this recently. More importantly, Modi wants limited government. And Modi has capacity to deliver.

Somnath Bharti
I thought that you are like sea-water, whenever and wherever you taste, it will always be we say about Lord Buddha......but no lust for power has made you compromise your values and unfortunately you hv taken whole of FTI for a ride....I find you dictatorial than anyone else. Why don't you ask Shantanu to publish his experiences of meeting with Arvind?......why dont you publish all internal messages exchanged between FTI members on your dictatorial approaches on ideas......many FTI members have confided in me that everything is driven by YOUR IDEAs in FTI/SKC.......still there is time, IF your priority is MOTHER INDIA then show your leadership, come back to India, be with the people, know their problems, be in the dirt and get dirtied, politics happen on the ground and not on the blog or FB. Try to remain hungry for a day to understand how does crores of Indian feel going empty stomach countless nights......for god sake, don't preach the hungry about nutritious food, GIVE THEM FOOD NOW........there is a time for everything?....we all know that without good policies India cant be taken out of comma it has been put into BY CONGRESS/BJP and other political goons but let the right time come.

Apoorv Bhat
You dont mind a Modi who claims to be wanting 'Limited government'. Has he done anything to reduce the size of government in Guj? Have you ignored the way he favours the Ambani's and Adani's? Isnt crony capitalism the enemy of capitalism?

You dont mind supporting modi(all whose claims are doubtful and has no clear blueprint), but still have serious problems with AK who wished to reduce the Size of governments too.. Quite Radically in fact, if i may add.. Courtesy Swaraj..

BTW AK's blueprint (Swaraj) is out in the open...Open for public debate and discussion. Modi's solution to all of India's problems is, well NaMo himself.

Harsh Vora
Somnath Bharti - Kejriwal is a very good man, no doubt. But him coming to power will bring about the same results India has had since independence. Let us make that clear: We do NOT want a large bureaucracy which will ultimately only create inefficiency and poverty. Socialism, of which Kejriwal is a big advocate, will take us back to the 70s era. Thus, it makes much more sense to collaborate with organisations that largely support capitalism, for e.g. Modi - in the interest of a prosperous India.

Somnath Bharti
Harsh, how much time you have spent with him? The party was born on Nov 26, 2012. Don't be impulsive, wait and watch if you can't decide now. People who have opposed Arvind have opposed for laughable reasons like he didnt respond to their emails or phone calls etc. Come on, task is gigantic and it needs gigantic and on the ground efforts. WE ALL HAVE TO UNITE. This is THE MAHABHARATA of 21st century and PANDAVAs won then and will AGAIN. Neither congress nor BJP have done THE MUCH NEEDED POLICE AND JUDICIAL REFORMS they want them to be tools in their hands to keep controlling people and administration. AAP's objectives is very clear to actualize for crores of Indians true meaning of DEMOCRACY.

Apoorv Bhat
Sanjeev Sabhlok: I am genuinely concerned with the possibility that AAP may adopt leftist economic policies.. But AK's swaraj is mindblowing and according to Shailesh Indian economy will "Sky Rocket".

But if the alternative to a possibly leftist AAP is Sanjeev's FTI. Then i am happy i chose to stick with my old friends at IAC (now AAP).. They atleast dont have double standards like you do..

Harsh Vora: please dont go by Sanjeev's reading and interpretation of AK's policies.. Read 'SWARAJ' yourself.. It may surprise you but he has criticized all of UPA's policies like NREGA, the concept of BPL etc etc.. He has also written against the concept of Planning commision.. Read Swaraj yourself..

The above conversation is going to be useful to anybody who has been accusing Arvind Kejriwal and AAM AADMI PARTY for being socialist and if time permits I will independently published an article to further clarify the socialist tag AAP is oftenly getting tagged with.

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