Thursday, July 14, 2011

Again someone treaded his/her soul!!!

Mumbai has been attacked again and then comes the same rotten promises of the politicians. How serious today's government is towards our safety and security of the nation can well be gauged from the fact that for no rhyme or reason they excluded CBI from the reach of RTI. I bet you watch these horrible pictures of our fellow brethren soaked in blood lying on the floor helpless. It cost us with 21 lives and hundreds injured. And 21 lives are not the only casualties. 21 families basically died with these 21 fellow citizens. 
Morning news items were pretty in contrast with each other. In Delhi police was busy catching and prosecuting women and their pimps for treading their bodies and in Mumbai someone who treaded his/her souls and assisted someone across or within our border actualize his/her ghastly plan of killing innocent and completely helpless fellow citizens. 
Everybody is talking of Pakistan and why USA is not doing anything against Pak. Probably in response and to restore the shaking faith back in USA, Obama Administration has stopped the delivery of 800 million dollars scheduled aid. But who is the biggest beneficiary of such terrorist activities??? Probe your within, analyze the facts/news and the answer would be right there before.
Someone right within our country, someone high up has treaded his/her soul to make such attacks possible and rather than accusing Pakistan, our government and all of us need to locate these money-thirsty, nay blood-thirsty monsters. We need to fix our own country. USA had one 9/11 and no such incident after that. 
For someone, terrorism is hard core business for many purposes, two of which I can share here.
  1. Keeping the countrymen deep scared, instilling fear psychosis in their being so that their questioning tendencies go away. So that any uprising against corruption, against malpractices of the powerful stop and does not rise again.
  2. With countries becoming nuclear enabled and empowered, the possibility of war has terribly decreased. Now all these countries know that one mistake by one country and the chain would start wiping out the total habitation off the earth. Hence no old time war would happen wherein they used small weapons to attack the other. Available information suggest that the nuclear arsenal, in possession with various countries, is good enough to wipe out the earth 15-16 times. I wonder why do we need so much nuclear arsenals, after all not everybody is Jesus Christ that a resurrection will happen and that too 15-16 times which even Jesus would have failed. In absence of such wars which were great markets of small weapons; these weapons now get used in the name of terrorism. I am sure that the persons involved in such businesses will realize someday their misdeeds. I have read that the king who ordered crucifixion of Jesus developed one life-time disease of washing his hands believing them to be stained with the blood of Jesus. 
People behind such attacks are mentally and psychologically too ill. World leaders, if they wish to save the humanity from further proceeding towards the OBVIOUS destruction, need to come out of their tiny concepts of NATIONS and start thinking of the earth as ONE PLACE. I don't see any other way out of such insane acts. If you see, then please share your thoughts. I know that this wish of mine is too much to ask for and with such wishes I do carry the risk of getting termed crazy but I better be crazy than hopeless!!!


Sanjeev said...

Dear Somnath

Are you perhaps reading too much "between the lines"? The suspicion that the UPA government could be behind this atrocity just to distract attention is, I think, untenable. Regardless of their level of corruption, I don't think they'd stoop to such a level.

Second, re: arms dealers in the West, well - these arms are not just coming from USA but from China. And the arms dealer is selling something in demand. He is not creating demand. The demand arises from unrest and misunderstanding.

In this case it is almost certain that misguided Islamic terrorists are behind this - either from India or Pakistan.

Yes, we have a very poorly performing government, but that doesn't mean they are causing this problem.


sampadabibek said...

You are exhorting us from the territory of truth !

One World ,One family !

Simple but sure solution !

The real learning comes when one changes one's perception , learn to view the world in a different light . This kind of learning comes from the gut level . And it is the most difficult kind of learning . It is the , what is called "neck-down" learning and appears risky , difficult , messy , and uncomfortable when one intends to start it . But it is also real , deep , transformational and invaluable . When it happens , it is the most powerful kind of learning . Changing one's socio-economic orientation from "SAMPATTI" to "SAMPADA" will be a such learning .

Bibek Kumar Anand
Convener "SAMPADA"

SAMPADA implies blissful selfless wealth whereas SAMPATTI means prickly selfish wealth .

Somnath Bharti said...

Dear Sanjeev,

Thanks for your comment. If someone of your experience and stature finds my observation as reading too much between the lines, they have succeeded well and beyond our reach. Didn't you hear what Congress Prince Rahul Gandhi is saying? The Govt can't stop all such blasts and one or two are OK. Our Home minister is saying its not failure of intelligence agencies then it is whose?? or we simply not care for the lives of the poor. Insensitivity shown by the Govt has stooped too low and it is high time to take these self-proclaimed puritans to task. They had enough force to attack sleeping women and children at midnight but don't have enough mechanisms to catch these maneaters. They don't have the will, this terror network is serving interests of all on the top. People leading anti-corruption movement need to come out and do something concrete to demand answers from the Govt on what did they do after each attack to prevent the next. Even good intentioned people does not seem to really solve the problem, after all they are in demand as long as the problems are there.


Somnath Bharti said...

Dear Bibek,

Thanks for your comment.
Yes, you have rightly identified the solution.
One World, One Family!!!
But this may not be possible in view of the so many self declared prime ministerial and presidential candidates. They need boundaries, they want people to remain divided. No one ordinary wants to kill the other but the enmity is being taught in the name of patriotism and religion.
These prime ministerial candidates and puritans for their sheer interest have used the humanity and have been killing the love and harmony among the people since time immemorial and have put the whole humanity on a slow death. They are worst than terrorists. Terrorists are nothing but leaders unmasked.