Friday, September 3, 2010

Your life-Accidental or essential?

So far I was of the opinion that if something you were working at or you wanted to achieve did not succeed then the reason behind the failure is the little extra efforts which you failed to augment your already put-in efforts with but today I realized that that's not the case. I may be sounding mystical or mysterious. Let me explain it with an anecdote. An architect friend was once visited by a middle aged man and strangely he was holding an old antique piece of door nob in his hand. Architect after understanding his plot dimensions and the family size and their needs proposed few options but nothing seemed to interest the man at all. As usual, I interrupted noticing the gap between my architect friend and the man ever increasing and asked the visitor if the nob he was carrying along had anything to do with plan he wanted the architect to design and to the utter shock of my architect friend he nodded his head in affirmation. Upon inquiry he said that that nob was brought sometime back by his wife from some place, unheard of and none of the plans shows the possibility of fitting that nob anywhere. He wanted a plan which shows that nob getting used. This incident resulted in eruption of fountain of laughter from our within but at the same time it took me deep within because I found this happening in lives all around us. We meet a small success somewhere and then plan whole of our lives woven around that success. We want to ensure every piece of our lives so designed that the success must have its print on each of the pieces. This I call accidental life of which we all knowingly or unknowingly have been victims. On contrary to this, there is a life lived by the awakened called essential wherein the awakened lives effortlessly without any plan, without any expectation, without any opposition to what's happening and just by identifying THE PLAN and syncing his life with the same. This awakened man differs from us just by the kind of life he opts to live and with that comes entire gamut of heavenly pleasure and SAT-CHIT-ANANDA. Our never ending misery has its genesis in the accidental lives which we have built with our efforts. The moment we come to know of THE PLAN to sync our life with, miseries disappear within no time. This by no stretch of imagination should be interpreted to mean in-action on our part. This primarily means that we got to let ourselves be the vehicle for the purposes, THE EXISTENCE wishes to flow through us for. Such has been my life to a great extent though unconsciously and in the process I consciously notice the bliss I am inundated with all around my life.


Rakesh Verma said...

The awakened and unawakened men were described as 'Sur' and 'Asur' in Indian mythology. The science has empowered man for controlling nature to his convenience. His success encourages for more successes as per his will. The 'Sur' lives in harmony with nature and accepts changes. The basic contrast of the two is: 'Earth belongs to man and man-belongs-to-earth.

Somnath Bharti said...

Very well said, Rakesh but all attempts of controlling nature are backfiring and will backfire to the extent of extinction.