Friday, August 20, 2010

How to replace MD5 hashed password directly at MySQL or stored in any other database?

We maintain FAQs of our law firm Bharti & Associates (Advocates, Corporate Lawyers and IP attorneys)  at using PHPMYFAQ an open source faq manager. For security reasons, our developer changed the admin password and then forgot as usual. This led us to a big problem because we maintain many things using this faqs. Unfortunately the Forgot Password facility was also giving problems. The developer came to me with his head down and I had to put my most scarce resource to use i.e. Time. First I thought to decrypt MD5 hashed password, picked up from the database, but that would have taken days. Then I thought of using a tool MD5 Hash generator at to get a text password MD5 hashed and using regular UPDATE command in mysql updated the respective table entry. Hope it does save days of headache of yours.

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