Saturday, May 29, 2010

Security Code for a Nokia Phone

No change you wish to bring in your life or you might have to undergo for reasons happens easy. This I experienced when I had to move my oldest phone to a new phone. Most bothersome concerns were to move contacts and messages to the new phone from the old one. In absence of data cable for the old phone (Nokia 3100, served me for real long), I decided to use storage capacity on the SIM, so copy contacts to SIM from phone and then insert it in the new phone and transfer contacts from SIM to phone. When I had to do it for the second time as there were more contacts to be transferred than SIM could handle, I faced the problem of deleting the stored contacts on SIM to create space to transfer the left over contacts from the old phone to SIM. When I opted "delete all" option, I was asked to enter "Security Code" and I tried every suggestion and every combination but nothing worked. Someone on Internet advised to inquire it from the service provider as it is carrier specific but it turned to be a lie. I spend good one hour 20 minutes to grill the customer care officers and technical support but they all showed their ignorance over the claim of the internet advise. Finally I decided to dig more on it on internet and then I came across a savior providing excellent tool at where with IMEI number you would get the security Master password of your phone. Thanks to the developer of this tool for rescuing me from this mess.

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