Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Song of SHUNYA-The Dramatic Society of Ramjas College

While going through old papers, I came across a paper with the following inscribed in my handwriting. The song re-freshened old memories of college time and of struggles, friends, fights, strives for perfection and so on so forth. I clearly remember how Himanshu (the founder of Shunya and director of the Play "तूफान से पहले") helped me i.e. Bakshu of the play overcome my inhibition in mixing with Anjali i.e. Paro of the play. The play helped me in a big way and played a significant role in shaping me up. Today I went through the lyrics of the song, I found it nothing less than words of Lord Buddha. The song seems to have summarized whole of the spirituality in few lines. How pure, how pragmatic, how powerful!!! I am sure that each of the team members of SHUNYA would be with me on my feelings about the song.
शून्य से शुरु हुए हम, शून्य पर हैं खात्मा;
शून्य ही हैं ये धरा, और शून्य हैं परमात्मा;
इस शून्य की आवाज़ सुन तू-२;
कह रही हैं आत्मा-२;

मान कर हम केन्द्र बिन्दु, शून्य पर दृष्टि उठायें;
मुस्किले राहो में आयें मंजिले पायें न पायें;
पाँव अपने ना हटायें;
इस शून्य की आवाज़ सुन तू-२;
कह रही हैं आत्मा-२;

शून्य मैं हूँ, शून्य तुम हों;
शून्य अब हैं, शून्य तब हैं;
शून्य छाया, शून्य काया;
शून्य खोया, शून्य पाया;
इस शून्य की आवाज़ सुन तू-२;
कह रही हैं आत्मा-२;


Gauravaanvit Singh said...

I feel that the Shunya means the unending path of beautiful theatre life! :)

Attorney Bharti said...

Thanks Gaurav. It means what you want it to mean.......:-)
Did you work in shunya some time?

Uplaksh Kochhar said...

hello sir i am a current member of shunya. honestly speaking i didnt knew that the shunya anthem was this long. before every performance we chant only the first stanza. but thank you sir. another thing, we are organizing our first ever showcasing of the annual productions called "HURDANG". we are planning to call all our alumni. it will be really great if you and other alumni can join us. please contact me through facebook so i can send formal invites through post.

thank you sir

Uplaksh Kochhar

sanchit chauhan said...

hi i am sanchit chauhan a current member of shunya. sir thanx for your such a brilliant write and sunya is the point where it all began and where it all end