Saturday, December 6, 2008

Protests against Mumbai attack all over the country.

My inbox is flooded with emails from angry citizens over Mumbai attack. One of such emails was from a very dear friend and the email was to thank the soldiers we sacrificed in the combat. Again it took its toll on me and I exploded. My reply was.....
I wish that we do much more than just saluting. Psychology behind this saluting is to encourage others to join the slaughter houses named defense forces, police, NSG etc. Such a pathetic use of humans to safeguard the interest of perpetrators and criminals must be avoided.
Humanity has witnessed so many wars and so much of bloodshed just because of ego of some ambitious and crazy ruler. There is enough on this earth to meet our needs. We must identify the misuse of human lives by these politicians to upkeep their ongoing power thirst.
We as a nation must ensure that each of our brothers and sisters enjoys as much and as good sleep as we enjoy. While our countrymen is J&K and North East are living a life of uncertainties, we should not and must not live a life of luxuries unless the peace dwells there.
I am shocked to see the different attitude of media, industrialists and politicians. When Mumbai witnessed just few months ago series of blasts in the local trains, no one demanded resignations from home minister or chief minister of Maharashtra. No media did a show as passionate as they are doing today. No bollywood actor or actress came forward to hold a dharana. No one organized a candle march. Today such events are organized in all metros. And the reason behind is very obvious that this time the attack was on the elitist. And all actors, actresses, the famous and ill-famous were startled when Taj hotel was attacked because they could see themselves dying in this attack. I am not saying that they are wrong in doing what they are doing today. After all everyone has a right to worry for his/her life. I am only saying that the poor who died in the train blast deserved the same treatment. CM of Maharashtra used it as an excuse of not resigning and paving the way for someone better.

This attack strangely did a wonder. It could successfully unmask the politicians across the parties. CPM through its CM of Kerala, BJP through its leader Mr. Naqvi and Congress through its CM Deshmukh and Patil went unmasked. People of India witnessed the ugly most faces hiding behind white clad politicians. It was a shock to see the CM of ill-fated state giggling on camera while answering questions of media on the attack. They have so thick-skinned that they don’t hesitate in driving mileage out of innocent’s death.

I don’t understand what will a Candle march do. May be candles are no longer in use and candles manufacturer might have some vested interest in this marches.

What will a dharana or shouting slogans do? We need people who are willing to put at stake their luxurious lives and contest elections. Unless we have clean people, people who can think unbiased, at the helm of the affairs of the ruling nothing will help.

Fortunately new generation has collapsed the old and does not have its roots anywhere but unfortunately it’s a very dangerous situation wherein they may catch hold of path of destruction.

Today’s youth has witnessed no WAR and hence perfect for spreading the message of brotherhood across the world.
But they do need some to lead them and unfortunately I find no one to play the role of that someone.

Time is ripe, I invite you to think over it and if you feel that you are that someone, please write to me and I believe that we together can and will make a difference.


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