Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sex: The most misunderstood act

Neither by supression(prevalent in India) nor by excessive expression (prevalent in America), sex can be understood and enjoyed and made a ladder upwards, it is only by awareness, sex can be made useful to achieve/ascend the ladder of super consciousness. Both the societies suffer from the same deficiencies and the underlying disease does not differ in essence even by an iota, both have the same disease though manifested differently. There is no way or religion or dogma or tantra or management and quick skill which can take someone beyond the pleasure of sex except awareness and the only route to awareness is self-realization i.e. through meditation. Someone who meditates goes beyond the realm of Maya and its not that s/he keeps herself/himself aloof from the worldy /material pleasures i.e. such people do not practice a forceful abstinence but the win over such pleasures by the awareness and use them at their pleasure i.e. they governs the mastery over pleasures of any kind rather than getting governed by it. Unfortunately, both the societies keep the art of this mastery of pleasure away from the reach of the common man so that they remain available at the mercy of consipirators i.e. the priestly class of any religion/any country. And the interesting part of this phenomena is that even the priestly class or for that matter any one else with the same intent as those of the priestly class has been doing it in complete unawareness i.e. they themselves are the victims and it's proven a fact that victoms love victimizing others and that too in complete ignorance.

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