Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Attack: A black spot and proof of political delinquency

I had decided to contain my feelings triggered by Mumbai Attack so that it seeps in my being to form an explosion but then it is an era of Internet and I received from a friend a request for an online compaign. Can it be easier than sitting in a cosy drawing room having tea and then clicking on a link to sign in a compaign???
I do appreciate the sentiments behind such a signature campaign but by no stretch of imagination I think that it would serve any purpose. The country lacks in political will and since pre-independence main political party has an appeasement policy towards one section of society. Such a policy has sent wrong signals to the people worldwide and in particular to the neighboring countries. Please don’t misconstrue this and think that I am of the opinion that that section comprises of terrorist or bad elements. In fact that section has been disrespected in a true sense by the mainstream political party by getting defended all the time when there is no such requirement. Terrorists have no religion as much as a politician has no caste.
You must realize that no political party has come out and said even a single statement against what is going on in Mumbai. Amar Singh, Raj Thackery, Mayawati, Lalu, Mulayam, Uma Bharti, Congress leaders they all seem to have been sucked in some black hole. I wish that some of them would have been in one of the seized hotels.
They think that by criticizing they will lose their political base amongst that section of the society which if analyzed correctly means that these politicians link the terrorists to be from that section which is not only shameful but disrespectful too to that section of society. When will we see the naked truth? Probably we don’t want to see the naked truth.

In the name of democracy we have got jokers as our leaders. These are coward people, corrupt so much so that they can sell their mother and daughters to brothels if that gets them the post of prime minister. A political leader belongs to no one but the lust to power.

The way they are after IIT shows their illiteracy. They are incapacitated from thinking for betterment in a true sense.

The country is suffering from the scarcity of good leaders, leaders who can keep the interest of country on the top of their pity interests.

Unfortunately I don’t see that our countrymen enjoy the sense of discrimination while opting to vote and hence they are equally responsible for this sad state of affairs in this country.

The only terrorist attack (which in many experts view was a concocted one by the Bush Govt for ulterior motives) USA witnessed was 9/11 and here in India we are witnessing a 9/11 every month. What’s going on?

Fake sense of India being a spiritual country contributes to this in a very big way. Mushrooming of fake gurus all around, conmen in name of politicians and false sense of pride are some of the diseases the country is suffering from which must be weeded out ASAP.

In the name of economy growth India has been mushroomed with customer support work where people with high end degrees in the greed of a high salary are getting sucked in. Such qualified people are basically put to clerical usage and thus will be useless for the vocation they were trained for.

We need revolutionaries who have no interest but to fix problems but where are they? Within 2 hours of the first attack in Mumbai, I sent an invitation to 250+ who’s who of the country to form a group to brain storm the issue of moral degradation of the country and then form policies with strict monitoring to the action plan on the findings of the group but so far I have received support from 3 people only. Are we really sick of these jokers? Do we want change?

We are having PanIIT in 3 weeks from now to discuss education, infrastructure etc. In my opinion, the first priority should go to cleansing Indian politics because education, infrastructure etc lies on the periphery of good governance.

A month ago I visited Nagar Nigam of a state capital for the appointment of standing counsel. I was told that my services and approach to the problems/legal issues are brilliant but that’s not enough to get appointed as standing counsel. I need to give the chairman of Nagar Nigam 15% commission of the fees I will charge and 10% to party fund to the ruling party. This is the state of affairs. It is easy for anyone to carry bombs in any major place in that city. No one is safe anytime anywhere. We are all sitting on bombs.

The way western culture is being followed blindly in the name of raising the standard of living in this country is one of the major though not looked at reasons for the rampant corruption amongst govt officials and political leaders. They have no option but to sell their conscience to send their children abroad for foreign education.

Shiela Dixit govt spent 150+ crores to make BRT and BJP wants to collapse it if they come to power. They will spend 10-20 crores in collapsing it. This 170-200 crores is tax payers money but who bothers.

There can’t be a better time than this to attack Pakistan full-fledged without worrying about any nation including USA but I don’t think this Govt has courage to do this. USA attacked Afghanistan within no time and no one dared to say a word against them.

I see Govt officials, bureaucrats , leaders and businessmen day in day out but hardly you will come across one still carrying a spine.

Sonia Gandhi is reviewing and monitoring the situation in this country and Rahul Gandhi is the prime ministerial candidate. What education does empower Sonia Gandhi with a vision to review and monitor security and economy situation in this country? A country of so rich a heritage, full of intellectuals and sages would have Rahul as its prime minister. Can there be a bigger joke?

For society to respect you, you need to have your house in order and headed by a strong person, a person of deep understanding of problems and deep insight. World must feel in awe by the leader country is headed by. We all know who is heading the country these days!!!

To bring rule of righteousness back to this country and save it from any further degradation, a high level committee of intellectuals, sages, industrialists, Scientists from across the sectors/streams must be put in place ASAP. And they should be empowered with law making/amending/withdrawing power without consulting anyone. Truly speaking, democracy is poisonous for this country and it needs military rule for at least a decade.

It is a shame for all of us that 12-13 people from a foreign land took the country to ransom for 72 hours!!!

If not now, we will never wake up!!!

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